Friday Monday Chuckle, 7-6-15

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morning woodH/T to JC.

From the ‘no shit’ files: The Constitution, 2015

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Constitution 2015

Rate the babe, 7-4-15

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Commitment and duty.

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Consistency. The steadfast determination to always do the very best you can do. A rock for your family, as well as your troops. The Chief who ‘knows what the fuck is going on’.

You and I have known each other for a lot of years. I have always admired and respected your unwavering commitment to your duty. What makes it even more special is that you have done it for 29 years. You’ve given everything, even your own blood, to this country.

To my best friend John, I say happy anniversary Chief, and thank you for protecting our freedoms.

Rate the babe, 6-27-15

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How to prepare tofu.

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Now normally I’d put a new recipe on Redneckrecipes, but this one sounded so good, I thought it should be shared here:


Best to learn it…

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morningsH/T to The Blonde.


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