Knight to King’s Bishop 3

My ten year old showed up, delivered by the evil one of course, for my normal Wednesday night visitation. My progeny arrived bearing a chess set. "Dad, I love this game. Do you know how to play? No one at mom's house knows how to." Seems she learned it in summer camp. "Do you know how to play?" Heh! My dad taught me to play chess when I was just about her age. I loved it. I loved it so much that I actually joined the Chess Club when I was a freshman in Bloomfield, NM. Yes I know, very geeky. I was good enough at it to go to the state championship tournament. I got my ass kicked, but it was fun. So, here I sit this afternoon gazing into my daughter's beautiful blue eyes as she plots how to stomp dad's ass in the mud on the board. I was smiling all night long, and was beaming with pride at her intense concentration. She reinforced my belief that she has a very analytical mind by her tactics. The first game was all Kamikaze and shit. She had no problem trading valuable pieces for a tactical advantage. It was, I believe, very thought out on her part. She knew, I mean REALLY knew what she was doing it, and why. We played five more games after that. One game she caught dad unawares and wound up dinging me for my Queen. Brat! I kid. It was dad assuming he was going to kick her ass and not paying attention. Note to self, don't do that again, the kid is sharp!

If you want to teach your kid to plan and to think, and think logically, teach them chess.

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  1. I taught you well, my son. Never let a kid win on purpose, even if they are only 10. I jest. She has inherited the Kenley genius. This can be, as you know a blessing or a curse.

  2. carmie68 Says:

    Don’t ever under estimate a kid no matter how old they are. After raising four of my own, that’s one thng I have learned.

  3. Enjoy it mark, wont be long till shes all grown up and off to collage, and to make ya feel a tad bit better, trey help me break in my star wars chess set and whooped my butt. I gotta get more practice in LOL.

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