Oh please, just STFU*.

I have been a network administrator for the better part of nine years. I have heard just damned near every complaint ever voiced about computers. One that wears my ass out is the password complaint.

(L)user: My password doesn't work.

Me: Do you have your caps lock on?

(L)user: No! I always check that!

Me: What does it say now?

(L)user: Your account has been locked, or something.

Me: So you tried the same password at least three times and it still didn't work, huh?

(L)user: Yeah, I guess so. Can you tell me what my password is?

Me: No, I can't. I can change it to what you want it to be as long as your new password falls with in the constraints of the password policy.

(L)user: Huh? You mean you don't know what my password is?

Me: No, but I'd be glad to change it for you (if it will get me off the phone with your dumb ass).

(L)user: Oh hey! I got it to work. (Yeah, dumbshit, cause I unlocked your account and you pulled your head out of your ass and remembered what your password was.)

Me: Oh? What did you do different?

(L)user: (chuckles nervously) I was using my AS400 password instead of my signon screen password.

Me: Hmm. Imagine that.

I have heard complaint after complaint about having to remember a bunch of passwords, and (L)users don't understand why they have to be changed from time to time. Look, that is just the nature of working with computers. Get the fuck over it! Please!

You interview for a job, the job requires that you have some experience with a computer, using a computer involves remembering your passwords, so what the hell is the problem?

What irriates me more than anything is dealing with the aforementioned password situation with someone who has had multiple years of college. 'I am smart enough to graduate with a masters degree but can't remember my password'.

Case in point is this dickhead. He, to his credit, admits that it is a 'pot, kettle, black' article, but it irritates me nonetheless.


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  1. Ever since I found the Bastard from Hell files, my life as a sysadmin has greatly improved. You will never imagine how many times I have found it handy to know a few lines so that you will make sure the “l-user” never bothers you again unless it’s a matter of life or death.

    Anyway, I’m starting a new blog located named “The life of the normal IT people” where I will post some of my learnings or things that happend to me. Maybe you will drop by. Who knows , you might find something interesting there.


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