Veterans Day

I would like to take a moment to personally thank all of the young men and women in uniform who serve to protect my right to freedom. I would also like to single out, and say a special thanks to a few special folks; Gene Kenley, my grandfather, God rest his soul, fought in WW2; Otis “Rip” Mears, my great-grandfather, God rest his soul, fought in WW1; my cousin, Dale Earnest Badgley, God rest his soul, who fought and died in Vietnam; my brother, CW2 Daniel Lisenbee, who fought in Iraq, my best friend SMSgt John McCarthy, who was serving in Saudi Arabia and was in the Khobar Towers when they were blown up; my oldest friend TSgt Keith Jones, who flew AWACS missions in both Afghanistan, and Iraq. To all of you, I say THANK YOU and Bravo Zulu!!!!

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  1. I called a couple of the special folks this morning and said thank you. Bill Collett – 14 year Marine Corp vet – shot down over Viet Nam and ended his career. Lonnie Vessell – retired Navy Chief Viet Nam.

    All of my family and adopted kids. Thank you.

  2. My father served in the Army right after WW2, but spent 1947-8 in Germany, looking over the fence into East Germany. Rather tense time. Then he spent 3 years in the Coast Guard, much of that time in the Phillipines. His service was wholly voluntary, and helped make him the incredible person he is now.

    BTW, he beat the cancer (we found that out 2 weeks ago), and in a few days will turn 78 years old with good prospects of living many more.

    God bless those who serve their country.

  3. Outstanding JC!!! Glad to hear about your Dad! Good news indeed!

  4. Lonnie Vessell Says:

    And I would like to thank the Nurses with their little bag of secrets that took all the pain away form our boys and the corpsman who were right there unarmed in the thick of it to help get them out of harms way and the Chaplains who when necessary helped those brave men walk into the light………………………so many unknown heros…………….


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