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I present to you the party in power:

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From the ‘no shit’ files. Question is, do they have their heads up their asses, or are they going down on their own junk? Doesn’t really matter, cause they are fucking it up by the numbers.

Shamelessly stolen from Grouchy Old Cripple.

Friday Chuckle: 10-30-09

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You know how you have an impression of an athlete based on their on court/field/track performance? You generate a preconceived notion about that person, and then are totally shocked when something is said or done that totally shakes that notion. Take for instance this morning. I am listening to Colin Cowherd‘s radio show (normally I listen to Rome, but he had an asshole caller on and I had to change channels), and he had Bill Romanowski on. Colin introduced him and asked him a question and then HOLY SHIT, this incredibly gay sounding guy started speaking! My brain screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!” There is no way in hell that one of the meanest sons of  bitches to ever play in the NFL sounds like a ‘sissy la-la boy’.  Sure as shit, it was Bill. Now, I never was, nor will I ever be, a fan of the 49’ers, Eagles, Broncos or Raiders, but I respected the man’s meanness on the football field. He was one brutal mean son of a bitch. I loved to watch him play, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at NFL films with him in it without shaking my head and thinking to myself, “yeah, but he sounds like a fag.” And no, I would not say that to his face without a bazooka or a couple of hand grenades handy.

Hallway meetings and other office shit that pisses me off.

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Everyone who has worked in an office has developed a pet peeve, or multiple pet peeves. One of the ones that wears me out is the dumbasses that will stand outside of your office door conducting business. Seriously, both of you jerks have an office you could go to and close the door and conduct your conference. And even if you don’t have an office, find a fucking conference room!

Then there is the jerk-off that thinks it is perfectly acceptable office etiquette to microwave fish in the office kitchen. Fish stinks when you cook it the first time at home, and some magical fucking thing happens to it when you nuke it;  IT STINKS MORE!! Leave that shit at home or risk getting shot by an angry IT guy. Then there is popcorn chick.  Invariably some gal in the office will nuke a bag of popcorn and stink up the whole office making everyone hungry, AND will do it when you can’t get away from your desk to go get your own snack because you are too busy, or stuck on the phone or some other such crap. Quit that shit damnit!

Hell, the more I type this post, the more I realize I’ll never be finished with it, cause there is all kinds of idiocy that takes place in an office.



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Ahhhh, the joys of being a grandparent. Several months back my granddaughter Bella got a happy meal, or some such shit, that had a toy in it. That toy was ‘Sid’ from Ice Age. Being the smart ass that I am, I started telling Bella that Sid was grandma. Well, it took awhile, but she finally bought into it. So now every time Bella sees ‘Sid’, she shouts out GRANDMA!!!

The blonde rented Ice Age 3 to watch with Bella last night (we have her on Wednesdays), and I shit you not, as soon as ‘Sid’ popped up on the ‘ol hd flat panel, little miss monkeybutt, one of the loves of my life, yelled as loud as she could GRANDMA!!!! I laughed so hard I think a few drops of pee leaked out. THAT is some funny fucking shit!

Seriously cool shit

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Ya think?!?

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thanks Pres

From the ‘no shit’ files.

Hat tip to Yankee.