Name this image.

I figured this one could be fun. Come up with a name or slogan for this image. I have a few in mind, but would love to see what you folks think. This image will wind up on the side bar of ‘Random Thoughts From a Bastard’ with your tagline, and credit to you, if you win.

7 Responses to “Name this image.”

  1. Bullshit remover ahead

  2. cynical old man Says:

    U.S. government: We use a gold shovel to spend your money.

  3. US Citizen @ Work

  4. “Shovel Ready Job Ahead”

  5. Caution, Super duper pooper scooper at work, Back door of the White House, or maybe it’s the Front door of the White House

  6. Shovelin shit against the tide…

  7. […] of ‘Name this image’! I am proud to announce that Ron H. won the ‘Name this image’ contest. Everyone give Ron a cyber-high […]

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