Pro Bowl 2011

The Blonde and I were talking about the Pro Bowl recently. My opinion was that I was more likely to watch this game now that it is being played BEFORE the Super Bowl, rather than after. When the Super Bowl is done, there is a switch in my head that says the NFL is done for the year. 99.9% of the time in years past I completely forgot there was one more football game left to be played.

The only occupant of this house with a team in the Super Bowl had a different take on that. She believes it sucks because players from her team won’t get to play in it. My response: Yeah, so?! Big fucking deal! Your guys are playing for all the marbles; the Vince Lombardi trophy. Who gives a rat’s ass if they play in the Pro Bowl?!?

Ok, so having laid out our differing opinions on the subject, I don’t give a shit about this game. They have a sissy la la  “don’t hit the quarterback” rule which I think is gay as hell. It is still football, yes? Then hit that motherfucker like it is late December and your playoff lives depend on it. I bet the first reaction of a defensive end when he finds out he is going to the Pro Bowl is, “AWW fuck, I have to get into pads and I can’t hit anyone?!?!”  Add to that you have a base 4-3, no press on the wide receivers, must run a zone, no cover two, offense can’t run trips right/left. The rules help it become a lame game.

Look, I get it. Every swinging dick on that field today is beat to hell. They come to Hawaii to have a good time;  to relish in the fact that their peers, and fans have chosen them to be there. You’d think at some point their thought processes would bring them to the point where they would be proud to be professional football players who have earned the right to be there. Not a bunch of high school kids away from home overnight for the first time. The AFC apparently didn’t get the memo.

This year’s game was an epic joke. The AFC mailed their shit in. The NFC looked like a high school team teasing a group of Pop Warner players. Call it NFL Lite, or Flag Football Plus; PRO it wasn’t.

I had every intention of watching the whole game. That lasted until the NFC hung 42 on our lackluster “heroes” from the AFC. “Fuck this. Baby, you wanna watch ‘The Shield’?” (LMFAO! I didn’t get the pun until I was editing.)

Ol’ Roger “I live to make the shield look good” Goodell seriously needs to find a way to make the Pro Bowl important to its participants. The only difference between today’s garbage and a walk-through was they wore pads.

The NFL should be ashamed to have their name associated with such a sub-standard product.

I would offer my congratulations to the NFC, but it would be like telling an older child “good job” for beating the hell out of their much younger retarded sibling. That was about the feeling that I had watching this pile of steaming poo.

I had that feeling at halftime. I can’t imagine what I would have felt had I wasted the rest of my Sunday watching that shit.

Thankfully there is still one REAL game of football left this season.

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