A disturbing video from Ron H.

Why is this allowed to continue?

Why are we are not in the middle of impeachment and treason charges for a good portion of Congress, as well as the pResident?

Why are we not filing charges of treason against the douchebags that are no longer in Congress that endorsed this abortion?

Why are we finding out about this shit from a local news station rather than a GAO audit?

How come I found out about this via a YouTube link in an e-mail rather than reading it on every single news website on the planet?

How is this type of  “aid” not considered funding of terrorist activities?

Why are we, as citizens, not kicking down doors in D.C. demanding that this shit be stopped….like RIGHT FUCKING NOW?!?

What the fuck happened to my country?

These are mostly rhetorical questions folks. I asked them so you’d ask yourself.

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  1. cynical old man Says:

    Wow, just watched this and what a shame.

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