This shit has to stop at some point.

Gas here is $3.75 per gallon. Literal highway robbery. How much is gas where you are?

UPDATE: The cockbags raised it to $3.81 sometime today. Guess who was too stupid to fill up before they jacked it up? Yup, that would be me. Fucking prick bastards.

H/T to Roy for the pic.

5 Responses to “This shit has to stop at some point.”

  1. Jarrod Carr Says:

    We hit 3.99 a gallon 2 days ago it backed off to 3.95 last night so by monday Im sure we will be over 4 bucks UGH!

  2. $3.59 here in Cottonwood, AZ. 10 cents a gallon off if you shop at Fry’s Foods. I only fill my 1994 4Runner’s tank once a month, so not too bad!

  3. $3.72 per gallon. It’s been higher this week.

  4. $3.65-$3.79 in Boise.

  5. $3.79 here in Wickenburg is the cheapest you’ll find ———————–

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