Blegging: Blegging is asking the denizens of the blogosphere for assistance. Basically, begging via blog.

Those of you who read about my recent Friday from Hell are aware that I am without a cell phone. I would like to ask that anyone who has a Verizon (or unlocked) phone that they aren’t using, please get in touch with me using my Hotmail account: bofh69. We can negotiate prices and shipping and shit. Fucking Verizon wants me to sign up for an additional two years to upgrade the phone that felt the wrath of the Bastard. I just can’t afford to do that right now.

Thanks all.

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  1. Jarrod Carr Says:

    My parents have a cpl of verizon phones they arent using anymore. Lemme give them a call and find out what kind they are. I think they might be blackberry phones.

    • I don’t need anything fancy, I just need something that works. I use mine mostly for texting anyway. I appreciate you looking. Let me know how much they want.

  2. I got one you can have, guaranteed that you will not have any telemarketers bothering you, fits neatly in a quart size zip lock bag, has no moving parts to wear out. I just quit using it because I didn’t like the color of it anymore after that old lady run over it with a car ———————————— HeHeHe

    • That’s pretty funny shit Dad. I appreciate the offer, but I have one in similar shape. I am looking for one that actually works.

  3. Jarrod Carr Says:

    Talked to my mom and shes gonna look and let me know.

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