Reading assignment, 5-22-11

A cell phone/data provider fucking their customers?  SHOCKING, I tell you! SHOCKING!! Yeah, not so much. /sarcasm

The Muslim in Chief does not believe he has to answer to anyone, apparently. Heaven forbid anyone questions the legality of the Messiah’s actions. I could give two shits what John RINO McCain thinks. He is a douchebag. Rand Paul, on the other hand, hit the nail on the head: “There is a law. It’s on the books, and in a plain reading of the War Powers Act, he appears to be in violation of the War Powers Act.” Hide and watch, Rand, like his father Ron, will soon be painted as a right wing, Constitution toting psycho nutjob by the liberal media.

Texas has been telling the Feds to keep their noses out of state affairs and mind their own business. In a not so shocking development, when actually asked by Gov. Rick Perry to DO their job, the Feds act like a little bitch. See boys and girls? If you tell the big bad Federal government to do what they are supposed to do and nothing else, you get slapped like an errant child. That whole story screams of spite and outright political bullshit.

Yet another classic example of why the Feds should not be involved in private sector anything. Oh HEY! I have a great idea. Lets pass legislation (in direct opposition of the will of the people) that mandates citizens in this country MUST have health insurance. OH HEY! (again) Lets put the federal government fuck-ups in charge of it. Whatever the opposite of the “Midas Touch” is, the federal government has it. They touch it, it turns to shit.

The world ended last night (allegedly). Funny, I thought it did when dumbass douchebags elected somebody, or lots of somebodys, arranged for a black Muslim Socialist who WASN’T born in the United States to be President.

This is certainly an interesting nut. Um, ok.

Eliminate Veterans Day as a school holiday?!?! I have a better idea, eliminate the liberal douchebag Board of Education Propaganda in Norwalk, CT.  H/T to Stormbringer.

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