Blondes can be funny too.

My wife is going to hate me for telling this, but….

The Blonde recently purchased ‘Red’ by Sammy Hagar for me. One hell of a story about Sammy’s life. I highly recommend reading it. I finished the book and passed it on to the Blonde so she could read it.

Tonight she had been talking about some intestinal distress of the poop variety. “I feel like I need to go poop, but I’m not quite ready to go.” LOL! Ok, thanks for sharing baby. Anywho, we watched our last bit of television for the evening and my bride popped off with, “I need to try to go poop.” Me: “Oh? Going to force the issue, huh?” Grabbing Sammy’s new book, “Yep, me and Sammy are going to say HI to the President.”

LMFAO!!!! Now how funny is THAT?!?

3 Responses to “Blondes can be funny too.”

  1. Yeah well, what can I say? Every once in awhile I have something funny to say. πŸ™‚

  2. ROFL!!!!

  3. HAHAHA πŸ˜€

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