Reading assignment, 6-7-11

Yesterday I asked everyone to honor and pray for the men who served and died during D-Day defending freedom. Today I am doing my ‘news cruise’ and run across THIS ABORTION. Read this (all three pages of it) and then either write or call your Congresscritter’s office. Remind them of the 2010 mid-term elections (their asses can be replaced).  This back street effort by the Odipshit administration is an affront to everything this country holds dear:


This is no joke folks, these cocksucking bastards will use any and every underhanded method to usurp everyday American’s Constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms. Make a big deal of this, tell your friends, tell your family; suggest they call or write their Congresscritters. DON’T LET THEM DO THIS SHIT!

Speaking of gun control lunacy, why in the fuck would a doctor even ask a patient if they own a gun? Let alone the state of Florida having to pass a damned law telling them that they can’t? If my doctor asks me if I own any guns, my answer is simple: “None of your fucking business.” That would be promptly followed up by me walking out the door and finding a new doctor. Tell me our country isn’t swirling down the toilet, and I’ll tell you that you haven’t been paying attention.

Voters say Weiner can survive lewd photo scandal. Yeah? I bet those same dumbass voters put Odipshit in office too. Moral character; Dims, Libs, and Socialists: LOOK IT THE FUCK UP!

From the ‘Who gives a fuck?’ files, looks like FIFA sent some camel jockeys home because of their garb. OMG, DISCRIMINATION!!! DISCRIMINATION!!! Yeah. So?

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  1. Time for me to actually purchase a gun and learn how to use it…before some dumbasses decide I can’t. And I’m with you, if my doctor asked me if I owned a gun I would say the same thing as you and leave.

    People of America had better wake up – before they wake up and find themselves living “in another country”. Stupid asses!!!

    And some of these idiots think that I’m a stupid blonde!

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