Hey Tennessee!!

Your lawmakers can gargle my sack!!! How in the hell did this piece of shit law get passed? More importantly, how come the fine folks of your great state don’t have all of you douchebag legislators in front of the capital building kicking the shit out of you? Surely we ain’t about to chalk another state up as ‘Lost to Socialism’. Poor bastards.

So, in honor of  Tennessee, I present:

God bless Tennessee. Fuck their lawmakers in the neck with a revolution.

If I’ve caused you emotional distress, tough fucking shit.

Live with it.

2 Responses to “Hey Tennessee!!”

  1. we need to send the constitution to another country… we’re damn sure not using it.

    fuck those people in the neck with a dirty dildo!

  2. gack – the last part of my comment offended ME 😀

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