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Yesterday at work I was talking with our software development supervisor. He thought he might have a virus on his Windoze machine, so I was running down all the various things to check and the different tools I use for bug hunting/killing.

He is experiencing what appears to be slow responsiveness to DNS lookups. As we were talking, one of our Dev guys jumped in with the following little tid-bit. It turns out that Firefox resolves IPv6 addresses FIRST and if that fails then it reverts to IPv4. Yeah, I bet you are thinking the same thing I was, “WTF? THAT’S stupid!”

Turns out there is a fix. Open up a new tab in your browser and put about:config in the address window and hit enter. You then receive the following ominous warning:

Click to enlarge.

Void my warranty?! LMAO! Firefox has no warranty! Some software developer laughed himself/herself silly when they came up with that. Anyway, go ahead and click on ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!‘  You are then treated to a whole SHIT-LOAD of Firefox configuration settings:

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Type in network.dns.disableIPv6 in the filter window. Right click and then toggle the value to true. Restart Firefox. Pretty cool, huh?

That set me to thinking there must be tons of other cool shit you can do on the ‘about:config‘ page. Turns out I was right. I found this one website with a bunch of tips, 28 Coolest Firefox About:Config Tricks. The ones that I tried with success are:

To speed up Firefox (multiple config changes necessary):

Config name: network.http.pipelining
Default: False
Modified value: True

Config name: network.http.proxy.pipelining
Default: False
Modified value: True

Config name: network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
Default: 4

Modified value: any value higher than 4, but not more than 8

Config name: network.http.max-connections
Default: 30
Modified value: 96

Config name: network.http.max-connections-per-server
Default: 15
Modified value: 32

So, give this a try and let me know how it works for you. I noticed an immediate improvement.

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