Geek Alert!!!

This is probably the coolest thing you’ll see all year….hell, maybe all decade.

H/T to Ron H.

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  1. This is incredibly cool!

  2. We used a 3D printer not as advanced as that at school. We used plastic that was heated and used to make the object and had to break it out of the support material. The powder is really cool.

    At Videx they have a 3D printer that uses a pool of resin and a lazer to get the liquid resin to harden where they want it. They use it to prototype cases for their equipment and things.

    This is also called rapid proto-typing.

    • Larry, how long does that process take?? Depending on the size does it take longer?

      I am so grateful to have lived long enough to have gone from the old mimeograph machine to 3D. I can only imagine how grandmother felt living 103 years. 😀

  3. Well according to the video they did theirs in an hour and a half. It is totally dependant on size and complexity but the way I did it would of taken 3 to 4 hours for something that size. And then clean-up was a lot more difficult. Being able to just blow out the unused sand and reuse is really awesome.

    Of course the ability to scan it into the modeling software and define colors and such is really brilliant. We had to draft the 3D model and then convert it to the file format the prototyping software wanted. We could only do one color at a time also.

    We did this roughly 5 years ago and back then they were experimenting with different materials. We used PVC.

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