Reading Assignment, 8-20-11

“Old GM”?!? “New GM”?!?  Not only did the fuckers take money from the Odipshit administration, it appears they were also smoking whatever the “Chosen One” has been smoking. Really? Does the vehicle have a GM product label on it? Is it within the specified warranty period? If yes, then those douchebags are categorically responsible for making it right. Old vs. New my ass.

UPDATE:  OOOOOPS!!!! Looks like the head dipshit himself guaranteed the warranty of any GM or Chrysler product.

Never let it be said that the ‘Muslim in Chief’ let Congress stand in his way. He couldn’t get his PoS of an immigration bill through both houses, so he is just going ‘wave his hand and make it so’. We cannot have any dissent in the Socialist Utopia, don’t you know? One more shit stain on the Constitution.

Odipshit heads off on yet another vacation and tells Congress to get their asses back to work on the employment problem in this country. What a douche.

Geek alert! If you haven’t bought that iPad you’ve been jonesing for, you might want to hold off until next year.

The U is in some DEEP SHIT. I’ve been hearing ‘death penalty’ bandied about by all the sports media. For those of you not in the know, the death penalty means your program ceases to exist for one year. The last football program I recall getting the axe was SMU back in the late 80’s. Their one year suspension actually wound up being two. If I remember correctly, what had happened was the NCAA allowed SMU players to transfer after the penalty was enforced. As a result a shit-load of them moved on to different schools. When the ban was lifted, SMU didn’t have enough players to field a team, so they didn’t for a second consecutive year. I don’t think the program has recovered to this day.

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