I can’t hear you.

Other than watching  sports, educational channels, or the Food Network, I rarely watch television. I have no need to be entertained, I am married to a blonde. Let me tell you, that is entertaining enough.

A couple of nights back, the blonde had laid down for the evening. I was checking e-mail and surfing a couple of websites before bedtime when I noticed she had fallen asleep with her hearing aides in. Being a dutiful husband, I gently shake her awake and tell her to take the devices out. If you have never seen anyone remove hearing aides before, it is quite interesting. It involves fingernails and unique angles of attack on the ear. It gets even more interesting when your half-awake wife is trying to take her aides out of her eyes.

Unable to contain myself, I busted out laughing, “What the hell are you doing honey?” Cue confused look, “I am taking my hearing  aides out.” The laughter had become out of control at this point. “Out of your fucking eyeballs?!” Tears are rolling down my cheeks I am laughing so hard. At this point she finally wakes up enough to realized that she is indeed trying to remove the devices from her eyeballs. “Fuck you. Leave me alone.”

There is never a dull moment around here.

8 Responses to “I can’t hear you.”

  1. You are lucky she didn’t try to stuff them up your ass!

  2. Asshole.

    Well JC, I would stuff them up his ass, but that would be $4000 he would have to shit out.

  3. Mom-in-law Says:


  4. oops …. 😀

  5. cynical old man Says:

    sorry but that shit is funny!!!!

  6. so does she try to put her glasses on her ears? lol

  7. omfg that is funny

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