Era Error of shitty cell phone cameras.


For whatever messed up reason, folks seem to think a shitty picture from a cell phone camera counts as a ‘actual picture’. I love her dearly, but my daughter Sara is the biggest offender. She is mother to two of my grandchildren and can’t be bothered to take a real, honest to goodness, “taken by a real fucking camera” picture of those two girls. Today is a classic example. It was pumpkin patch day today; Bella’s fifth, Gabi’s first. The blonde received a picture from the aforementioned daughter of the aforementioned granddaughters. It would have been a fantastic picture, would being the operative word here, had it not been taken with a shitty ass cell phone camera.

I think cell phones shouldn’t have cameras on them at all for reasons just like this. Stop being lazy, go buy a real camera, and take a decent picture!! Damnitall!


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  1. And a pretty decent camera costs less than a typical modern cell phone!

  2. She has a camera that takes fairly decent pictures, like my first digital camera. She doesn’t like to use it because it goes through too many batteries. I keep telling her to buy rechargeable ones.

    The sad thing is that when those babies grow up they will be asking why their Mom doesn’t have any pictures of them. But they can come to Grandma and Papa’s house and see all the pictures they want of themselves. 🙂

    It is frustrating.

    • You know, I am not saying she needs to go out and spend $900 on a camera like I bought you. But shit, they make digital cameras that don’t eat batteries like that old one of hers does.

      And like you said, HELLO!!! Buy rechargeable batteries!

  3. Not that I am writing a dissenting opinion in this matter, but there are plenty of phones with 5mp cameras and flashes built into them. Considering that there was a time when most of us had a 1-3mp digital, that’s not too bad. That being said Walmart has some nice Kodak easy share 11mp cameras for 99 bucks plus 15 for a pack of energizer rechargeable (with charging dock).

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