That’s three.

After the debacle that was game 3, Texas did what any championship caliber team does, they dusted themselves off and showed up to play. Maybe they read my blog last night and got pissed off?

H/Ts to Cruz for a wicked throw to home to get Cabrera in the 8th, to Napoli for taking the charge from Cabrera and giving him the ‘your MY bitch now’ look, to Hamilton for a walk off double to start the 11th, Napoli again for the blooper single to put two on in the 11th, and to Cruz once again for cranking out a 3 run homer to put the game out of the Tigers’ reach. Last but not least, a huge H/T to Ogando, Oliver, Feldman, and Feliz for keeping the boys in the game. I am sure I forgot a lot of people/plays. This TRULY was a team win.

Job well done!!!!!

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