Across the board failures.

A dumb motherfucker that I know really well recently wrote, “I think the Cardinals will find life a little tougher in Arlington, Texas. Yeah, it was tougher alright. They had to stay up a little later than they planned to stomp a major mud hole in the Rangers’ asses.


There are so many parts of this game that were so fucked up. I think things really started going in the crapper when First Base Umpire blind motherfucker wearing an umpire’s uniform, Ron Kulpa, clearly blew a tagged out by Mike Napoli. That no-call sucked so bad that porn stars in Hollywood were heard to exclaim, “Damn, that ump sucks hard!”

Then you had three fielding errors. The one that sticks out the most in my mind is Napoli throwing the ball like a frickin’  sissy la-la girl to home plate and allowing two runs to score.

The Rangers had managerial failures almost all the way across the board by Ron Washington. Case #1: Ron has, throughout this post season, waited at least a half an inning too long to pull a pitcher that was clearly wrung out or just didn’t have it. That happened again tonight. For reference, I present Alexi Ogando’s disastrous 4th inning. Wash should have pulled his ass before it got as bad as it did. Case #2: Josh Hamilton was obviously in some serious pain tonight. He was 1 for 5, and was having a hard time running, let alone batting. Washington should have pulled his ass earlier in the game and put Gentry in. Folks might say that he left Josh in because of his big bat. Well hello! Josh was fucked up downstairs. There was NOT going to be any big bat action out of him. And Gentry could at least run. Case #3: DO NOT FUCKING PITCH TO ALBERT PUJOLS!!! After that first home run you’d think any idiot with at least a passing interest in the game of baseball would know to walk that big bat swinging son-of-a-bitch. Not ‘ol Wash. He doesn’t believe in intentional walks. Well, you know what? That is just plain fucking stupid! Lets pitch to him 3 more times and allow him to crank out two more home runs. Ron Washington let the Rangers down just as surely as the players themselves did.

That same dumbass writer I mentioned earlier also wrote something else retarded; “The Rangers don’t play to win at home, they play to club the ever-loving shit out of whoever they are playing. They do a great job of it too.” Sure, sure…blah, blah, blah. They showed their asses tonight with their incredibly sloppy play, and I showed my ass Thursday night by bragging them up.

Hell, I even heard they might push back first pitch for tomorrow’s game by an hour to make sure they have the Cardinal droppings cleaned out of the bleachers.

Fucking birds!

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  1. Now tell us how you really feel!

  2. they sucked large!

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