Why blood pressure meds are a GOOD idea.

Folks, let me tell you, as a Rangers fan, that was one fucking brutal game to watch.

What I observed tonight:

  • True to post-season form, Washington left a pitcher in for one batter too long. When Lewis loaded ’em up in the bottom of the 6th, I started having flashbacks to a 9 run beatdown. Wash, you really need to learn when to pull a kid off the mound when they’ve lost the bubble. Or better yet, learn when they’ve actually LOST the bubble.
  • Alexi Ogando scares the shit out of me as a post-season pitcher. He can help you, or he can help break your back.
  • The number of errors had me wondering if I was watching Saturday morning cartoons.
  • The game should have been over in the bottom of the 9th. However, a first class outfielder like Nelson Cruz, for some un-fucking-explainable reason, misjudged a fly ball to deep right.
  • As long as the Rangers could hang a couple runs on the board each inning they could stay in the game. When they couldn’t, they lost. I told The Blonde in the middle of the 11th, after a scoreless top half, “The Rangers just lost this game. They had to score a run or more.” That was one prediction that came true. However, my prediction of ‘Rangers in 6’ was quite obviously wrong.

Tonight I felt a little like the kid that expected to get that super-duper toy he had been asking for since before Halloween, only to get a package of socks under the Christmas tree and a dog shit covered rock in his stocking.

Well alrighty then! Baseball gods, FUCK YOU! Game 7 it is! Take heart fellow fans, the Rangers have not lost back-to-back games since August.


5 Responses to “Why blood pressure meds are a GOOD idea.”

  1. They wore my ass out!

  2. Two time….. TWICE… they were ONE FUCKING OUT away from winning…. shit shit shit!

  3. I was watching the game with a nurse from Harris HEB and 2 paramedics…. all 3 thought they were going to have to transport me to the hospital on a cardiac emergency. I can’t watch baseball like this anymore.

  4. Yeah, I can imagine the language in the Newman house last evening…several times. I don’t watch baseball, but I did pull up the ESPN site a few times just to see how it was going. I hope the Rangers pull it out tonight.

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