World Series 2011

I was almost positive this wasn’t going to turn out well after last night’s marathon, and it didn’t. After the game concluded I began composing a scathing, Bastard style rant in my head. It took me all but a few moments to shelve that. Because, ultimately, the better team won. The Cardinals out-classed the Rangers in almost every phase of the game tonight. Like an old time prize-fighter, St. Louis realized they had the Lawmen on the ropes after game 6. And, like the champions they are, they threw enough haymakers to finish the series up.

I am not horribly worried about the Rangers. Yes, I am disappointed that I had to watch my team lose its second consecutive World Series. That blows major chunks. However, there are a solid group of guys on that team. They have a good manager, and solid ownership; all with the same goal in mind: win the whole thing.

My hat is off to the St. Louis Cardinals. Congratulations fellas, you damned sure earned it.

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  1. Watching that game last night was like rubber necking at a train wreck.

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