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Another crank of the vise handle.

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Because more government control is a good thing.  No, you say? Well the post office, medicare and social security all seem like well managed, well thought out, above board parts of our government. Surely allowing them to control the internet would be a good thing too, right? They hardly ever fuck anything up, right? Right?


Folks, they are going to take as much as we allow them to take. If your Congresscritter so much as even blinks in a positive way about this, vote their ass out of office.

Found the vid at Theo Spark.

Rate the babe, 11-26-11

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Ndamukong Suh is a piece of shit.

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In one of the more brazen displays of un-sportsman-like conduct ever, Ndamukong Suh proves to the football watching nation that he is truly a steaming pile of poo as a professional athlete:

He then goes on to show everyone that he is not only a dirty player, he is also delusional, and has some mental issues that definitely need to be addressed:

What a worthless piece of shit. He should be suspended without pay for at least 5 games and forced to attend anger management classes. The kid obviously has issues.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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No pardon.

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Rate the babe, 11-19-11

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Reading assignment, 11-14-11

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This law professor is clearly a first class libtard douchebag. The truly scary thing is that this piece of shit is teaching kids.

Obidiot and his idiot followers in Congress have done everything under the sun to hamper business in this country. They pass all of these bullshit laws and regulations that are clearly anti-business/ anti-growth and then the pResident has the audacity to call Americans ‘a little bit lazy. Hey Barry, suck my dick! You duplicitous bastard! I can’t wait until the 2012 election; your ass can’t leave the White House fast enough for my liking.

You know how you handle shit like this? With a fire hose! Or 20! The Occutards have said their piece, they’ve protested for weeks, people have listened (why, I have no idea), and it has been WAAAAAY over-reported. Now go the fuck home!

Israel essentially tells the ‘Muslim in Chief’ to piss up a rope. After the way this administration has treated the Jewish state, I don’t blame Netanyahu one damned bit.