Day 4

I was praying it wouldn’t happen, but it did; Allyssa had a setback day today. For whatever reason the pain was a bit overwhelming for her. They have been using a 0-10 pain scale for her to describe how she is feeling; 0 being, “I’m cool, no pain here”, and 10 being “this fucking shit hurts really bad and I need some good drugs RIGHT NOW!” Today she described it as being between 7 and 8. Not good. Since she has been in a private room, they tried 4 different pain meds before they found one that didn’t make her puke her guts up. This last drug they put her on seems to have worked really good so far, so the fact she was in that much pain gave me a moment of pause.

I have no doubt that Allyssa is a tough young woman, and I have no doubt that she is in pain, but her mother hit on something tonight; she is in NO medical danger, she is choosing not to eat, and she is essentially choosing to hide in her hospital room. I am not typically inclined to agree with Talley about anything, but I think she may have hit the nail on the head with this one. 

I think we have started our journey into the “Feel Sorry for Me Zone”. 

3 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. cynical old man Says:

    Glad to hear she is doing better. Hope the “feel sorry for me zone” doesn’t last very long.

  2. And I think she is right also. If anyone every mentions that to her I will cut their junk off and hang it on their rear view mirror.

    Talley is going to have to start the “Tough Love”

  3. It has been my experience with surgery (and I’ve had a few) there there is a day that is really rough. Usually the 3rd or 4th day pain is worse than ever. Lets hope it’s just ‘that day’ and not the ‘pity pot’. That being said – she’s had most of her hair cut off and 100 staples in her head. Her cheerleading career is over. She’s stuck in the hospital and can’t talk to her friends via text and f/b. And for chrissake she is a teenager – it’s her job to be an emotional (what is the word I want to use here?) time bomb.

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