Day 6

I stopped in to see Allyssa on my way home from work tonight. Her spirits definitely seemed higher. I suppose getting out of a depressing ass hospital and sleeping in your own bed will do that for you.

We talked a bit about how she was adapting to being home. She is pissy cause her mother still won’t let her navigate the stairs by herself. I happen to agree with Talley on this one. TAKE. IT. EASY! Last thing that young woman needs is to take a header down the stairs because she lost her balance. She is anxious to come over here. Her mother and I talked about it, and we will revisit the question the next weekend she is scheduled to be here. She still isn’t eating like she should be, BUT she is eating more than she has been. She never used to be able to tolerate apple juice, and now it is her new favorite thing to drink. They are going to pull the staples out of her head on Monday. She says once that heals up she is going to cut the rest of her hair off and get everything evened up. And once I get over this nasty cold I have, I will be getting mine shaved. I haven’t forgotten I promised pictures.

Allyssa’s story made the local paper, which prompted the call I received this evening. When we first moved to Oregon from Texas back in 1997 we had one hell of a time finding a sitter who A) would take a toddler, and B) was worth a fuck as a baby sitter. We stumbled on Miss Donna. I honestly do not remember how we found out about her. Anyway, the call was from Donna. She had read about Allyssa’s accident, dug my phone number up and called. “I just knew that was my girl who was in the accident!” Yes, Miss Donna, it was your girl. We talked about what had taken place, and she asked me to pass along my love to Allyssa. Now THAT is a babysitter; 13-14 years later, and she still cares!

I will keep y’all posted. Many thanks for the prayers, the phone calls and e-mails. You folks rock!

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  1. God bless Ms. Donna – she is a special woman!

  2. No kidding on the taking it easy part. Glad she’s doing well enough to want to do things though. And yes, that’s an awesome sitter!

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