Rockin’ the buzz!

As promised, me and Allyssa with our new haircuts:

Click to enlarge.

8 Responses to “Rockin’ the buzz!”

  1. Great pic of you two!!! You look more and more like your dad! And that is a good thing 😀

  2. Looks like Beauty and the Beast. I will let you two fight over who is which. lol.

  3. Maureen says Allyssa looks just like Gabrielle Gifford a congress women that got shot in the head in Tuscon and lived. ——- Like Father like Daughter, Now I think this is the pot calling the kettle black in this picture. Now if this don’t look like 2 characters up to no good, I don’t know what does. ——————— Love yea all, Dad, Gran dad —————- And he said “This Is Good” ——————–

  4. Looking great , both of you!

  5. I love the new doo;). Proud of you man!

  6. I agree with the Gabbi Gifford comment, too.

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