Firefox has officially become a piece of shit.

Sure, go ahead and do it. Click on the button to check for an update. It won’t change anything for the better. You’ll wind up with a newer, probably even slower, version of a browser that has degraded into a worthless piece of shit. For fuck’s sake, IE renders pages faster than this pile of sewer residue. And I FUCKING HATE INTERNET EXPLODER!!!!

I used to be a huge Netscape/Mozilla honk. Shit, I still own an original install disk of Netscape 3.0. I downloaded it, installed it, and I LOVED it! I loved it so much that I went to Incredible Universe (RIP) in Grand Prairie, TX and bought the boxed edition.

Firefox, at least in my mind, stopped being a viable browser when they killed the 3.6.X versions. There was nothing wrong with them. They rendered pages in an expeditious manner, and for the most part were trouble-free. Not so since the ‘golly, we are so smart, we’ll make something that sucks’ whiz kids over at Mozilla started mass producing the internet equivalent of sweaty balls on a goat.

OMG!!! you mean they are up to version 14. Holy shit!!! That is a way higher number than IE!!! That means it has to be better!!! Right???  /sarcasm

Kids, do yourself a favor, if you are a Firefox fan, download and install 3.6.28 and call it good. You can get it right HERE. Everything after that is garbage that a pig would be embarrassed to roll around in.

And before the apologists start flicking me shit, YES, I have cleared my cache. YES, I have cleared my Java cache. YES, I have turned off the completely fucking retarded IPv6 awareness (is anyone even using IPv6?). This fucking browser blows chunks. I do not know what else to do to turn this lumbering piece of shit into a useable piece of software. Suggestions are welcome.

14.0.1 gets uninstalled tomorrow.

Mozillaprogrammerweinnies…..listen up, get your shit together, or your product is dead. I’ll be sure to stop by and piss on the grave.

3 Responses to “Firefox has officially become a piece of shit.”

  1. This would be the reason I am a google chrome fan!

  2. I’ve been using ff for years, but these days.. even before 14.0 the thing constantly hangs and doesn’t respond. Chrome is google so that’s out of the question, i might just go back to explorer. Would using an older Firefox version be full of security holes?

    • Yes, an older version would be full of security holes. Additionally, new versions of plugins like Flash won’t work with the older browser.

      One thing I have discovered is that with the newer versions of FF, you can start it in ‘safe’ mode with add-ons disabled. You can do this by opening the browser as you normally would, go to the help menu item and select ‘safe’ mode with add-ons disabled. I have noticed that it speeds the browser up significantly. BUT, what about the add-ons?

      Faster browser with no add-ons vs. clunky piece of shit with add-ons that may or may not work= shitty choice either way

      The whole thing is irritating as hell. I seriously hope the folks at Mozilla pull their heads out of their asses and get this fixed before I finally say fuck it and quit using their product altogether.

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