45% incurable

Wow, according to Gallup, 45% of recently polled Americans are fucking retarded and would put the Muslim-in-Chief back in office.  I guess it’s true what they say; there is no cure for stupidity.

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If a conservative President would have pulled half of the shit that this dickhead has (like bypassing  a shit-ton of legislative process by EO), the LibTards would be screeching for impeachment at the top of their lungs. Yet, this jerkoff gets a free pass. I suppose it helps when you have the alphabet networks as  your propaganda arm, and a populace so conditioned to believe every last goddamned thing they see and hear on the idiot box.

We have tried the pResident’s  ‘Change’, and anyone with half of a fucking brain has figured out that it has been the very definition of a miserable failure; all three and one half years of it.

Take our country back! Vote Zero out in November!!!

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  1. If he gets back in for another term, it’s all over, that’s the end of America. If one will study German history what is happening now is a carbon copy of what happened in Germany when Hitler took over. ——————————

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