Friday Sunday Chuckle, 9-30-12

Today I had to go to Sears. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a driver looking for a parking space. I flagged the driver down and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available.

The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said, “I’m not handicapped!”  Well, as you can imagine, my face was red!  “Oh, I’m sorry” I said. “I saw your Obama bumper sticker and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder.”  She gave me the finger and screamed some nasty names at me.

Boy! Some people just don’t appreciate it when you’re trying to help them out!

H/T to Ann J.

3 Responses to “Friday Sunday Chuckle, 9-30-12”

  1. now THAT is funny!!

  2. Now that is good, I love it ——————–

  3. I had the worst time keeping myself from committing a random act of arson today. I was at a Fred Meyer and they had a T-shirt display prominantly placed near the grocery checkstands. It was filled with Obama and donkey shirts.

    Problem was I could not tell one jackass from another.

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