How to kill a republic.

I would have never believed that there were that many gullible, idiotic people left in this country after what we have gone through over the last 4 years. I guess I was wrong. Is it still going to be Bush’s fault for the next 4 years of this dumb motherfucker’s ham-handed, un-Constitutional administration of this country? What happens when Odipshit runs out of people to blame?

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In my opinion, if you voted for Obama, you are a traitor to your Constitution, your Country, and, in the long run, yourself.

Careful what you ask for…

2 Responses to “How to kill a republic.”

  1. OK, It’s all over, you can return to sticking your Heads in the Sand again, welcome to Hitler the 2nd. All future elections are henceforth cancelled, there will be no more. The Corporations and Electronic voting machines have killed the Republic totally this time. ———— Fraud?, no you can’t be serious, not in Amerika ! —————-

  2. I got registered to vote here in New Mexico in time for this election. It’s the first time I’ve actually had to go to a voting center, that I can recall, and I was totally surprised at how it was run. All I needed to know was my name and birth year to be able to vote, assuming I had registered. I filled out my ballot and then fed it into a machine that read it and then shredded it. I found it a bit disturbing.

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