So you’d like a good reason, eh?

King O

I have made the comment many times that King O should be impeached. Here is a fantastic list of why. Really, why can’t the LibTards not be honest enough with themselves to admit this person is in DIRECT violation of his oath of office, as well as criminally negligent?? A fucking blind person can see it!

And before anyone goes there, I don’t give a rat’s fucking ass what color he is. What I do care about is that he is BAD for this country. He does not give one shit about the Constitution, his oath, or anything that doesn’t further his fucked up goals. Sumbitch could be purple, and I wouldn’t care. He is a royal fuck up, and a royal failure as the leader of this country.

Anyone who voted for this douchebag should be ashamed of themselves.

H/T to Mom for the list.

3 Responses to “So you’d like a good reason, eh?”

  1. And that ain’t no Shit ————————

  2. Why shoud they feel ashamed, hes giving away our hard earned dollars. They think they are entitled to it. I agree he needs to be impeached, bad thing the vice-dipshit is even worse than him.

  3. cynical old man Says:

    WOW!!!! Was not aware of a lot of those.

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