Gutting the U.S. Military

by Bob Lonsberry

As the Obama Decline brings American prosperity and might to ever-lower depths, we now hear that the administration has decided to reduce the size of U.S. armed forces to pre-World War II levels.

It was, of course, precisely those levels that led to World War II.

The great lesson of that horrific war – that American weakness leads to global instability – has either been forgotten or is being replicated. In the name of cutting budgets, an administration that has doubled our national debt chooses now to endanger both our national security and the world order.

The same White House that expands welfare spending and unilaterally increases wages on federal contracts has said that “the Pentagon” must face new spending cuts. Free cheese for the entitled masses, but no national defense for the homeland whose sapped prosperity is picking up the tab for that cheese.

An administration whose domestic security agencies have ordered more than 700 million rounds of non-military ammunition cannot find the money to adequately fund the military which points its guns outward at our enemies instead of inward toward our citizenry.

And now we hear of pre-World War II levels, and a generation only recently in its grave groans that its grandchildren could be duped into ignoring a lesson so dearly learned. In the wake of that global war, the takeaway was that a too-small American military encouraged and invited the growth of evil regimes in Japan, German and Italy.

Our weakness invited attack, and millions died as a result, on far-flung battlefields and in hellish camps. Pearl Harbor happened not just because the Japanese were evil and aggressive, but because the Americans were weak and unprepared.

Hitler marched not just because of a rising Reich, but because of a declining West.

In the vacuum of world power, tyrants and butchers invariably rise.

And Obama is declaring the end of the Pax Americana. For almost 70 year, general peace has prevailed in the world not because of the harmony of man, but because of the strength of America. For two generations, the blood thirsty impulse to empire and conquest has been suppressed by the fear of American might.

And just as Russia is newly resurgent and China is militaristically ambitious – and the world wonders about the reach of murderous Islam – the White House has decided to further gut the armed forces of the United States of America.

Armed forces, by the way, which this same White House has spent the last five years underfunding and overextending. We have broken our military by deploying it and redeploying it into the fool’s errand of Obama-rules-of-engagement Afghanistan. These five years have created America’s longest war and left us with a barely functional military.

We retreated from Iraq and we are about to retreat from Afghanistan. We have accomplished nothing on the ground and we have weakened security back at home. We have demonstrated that we are a paper tiger.

We have acquiesced to an Iranian nuclear program, we have reduced our own strategic weapons and capabilities, we are played like fools by a mental defective in North Korea.

And in response, we are going to cut our military by 20 percent.

To the lowest levels in 74 years.

That was in 1940, when our population was 132 million. It is now 315 million. Our population has grown two-and-a-half times, and the Obama Administration wants fewer people defending us now than we had then.

Peace comes from strength, and war comes from weakness.

A war we may not win.

Because one of the great challenges in the first months of World War II was mobilization. It took a year to begin to build up the Army and to retool our industrial base.

But this go round, we won’t have an industrial base to retool or the money to retool it – we’ll have to hope China loans us the money to buy the guns, tanks, ships, planes and bullets it sells to us.

That could get dicey if the enemy we face turns out to be China.

Past progressive Democratic regimes have cut the military, in their efforts to level the playing field at home and abroad, and the nation has repeatedly rearmed.

But now we’re broke.

Because in addition to breaking the military, Obama has also broken the bank. He has doubled the national debt by accumulating something within spitting distance of a trillion-and-a-half dollars of new debt each year.

The next Pearl Harbor will catch us with our pants down and our credit card maxed out.

Which is how nations fall.

Obama and the Democratic Party are cutting our military to pre-World War II levels.

Seldom has a world leader been willing to revisit such a failed and portentous time.

But such is the nature of the Obama Decline.


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  1. And he’s doing a great Job of what they put him in there to do and that was to Destroy the US of A ————

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