It’s Monday.


And boy did I have one. Monday, that is. I was right on my normal schedule this morning when it occurred to me, that I had to be to work 30 minutes early to call a customer on the east coast. AWWW FUCK!!! So, very much like a chicken with its head cut off, I am jumping through my own ass trying to get everything done I need to do before I can leave for work.

I get to work, and it occurs to me that I have never been there that early, and I have no idea how to turn the fucking lights on. SHIT! Well, I wound up using my fluorescent magnifying light to see what the fuck I was doing.

Got the early morning customer taken care of and then got the shit kicked out of me the rest of the day on the phones.

Because I got there early, my supervisor sent me home at 4:30. These folks are LOATHED to pay overtime. When I am about half way home, I realize I’d left my fucking phone at work. OH HELL FUCKING NO! I am not going back. That son of a bitch can sit there.

Let us pray that tomorrow is a little smoother experience.

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