A Bastard Style Rumble



Once again the fickle hand of fate has pitted me and the Blonde against each other. My ‘Boys are up in the land of cheese heads for an NFC divisional playoff game today with her Packers Fudgepackers.

The last time these two teams went head to head we didn’t talk to each other for a whole day. Lets just say we are passionate about our teams. It is what it is….hopefully with no busted personal items, sheetrock repair, broken bones or blood loss.

4 Responses to “A Bastard Style Rumble”

  1. Joe Newman Says:

    What time does it start? The game— not the rumble, HeHeHe ———————- Love you/all, Dad —

  2. I’m sure the rumble has already started Joe. 😀 Love y’all too.

  3. My condolences. It was a close one though.

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