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Reading assignment, 5-31-16

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Let the censorship begin!

Read all about it here, and here.

And just what exactly constitutes ‘hate speech’ you ask? Why, any fucking thing they say does, of course.

H/T to Yankee

Memorial Day, 2016

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Please say a prayer for our fallen heroes and their families , or maybe just say a private little thanks for your freedom.

ALWAYS remember, freedom isn’t free.

Memorial Day - Arlington National Cemetery

Rate the babe, 5-28-16

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Tell me what ya think:

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Not even hardly bullshittin’

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bathroomStole it from Denny.

Personality profile.

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assholeH/T to Mom.

So simple even a libtard can understand.

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restroom signs

Monday’s suck. Period.

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MondayH/T to JC.