Get Windows 10?

No Micro$oft, fuck you. I don’t want your damned data mining OS.

After doing some research on the internet, I wrote a batch file to uninstall all of the Windows 7 updates that prep for Windows 10 upgrade, including the one that deposits that annoying little icon in your system tray.

get 10

It’s as unwanted as bird shit on the hood of your new truck.

Part of what is driving folks away from the new OS is people generally don’t like change. Another reason is Microsoft’s well documented data collection and reporting ‘feature’. ‘Telemetry’ is the benign sounding word that I’ve seen used in association with the practice. I figure I have enough people in my business already as it is. I damned sure don’t need my desktop computer sending information to M$. And when Micro$oft loses their lawsuit against the feds, which they are sure to do, then the people’s data becomes the government’s data.

So, I wrote the batch file. I also discovered a website that had a list of website addresses that M$ uses for collecting ‘telemetry’. I zeroed those bitches out in my hosts file. Click here to learn how. Exercise caution when modifying your hosts file.

My Mom, who is roommates with my sister now, sent me an IM this morning saying that Gina’s (sis) computer ‘keeps wanting to install Win 10’. To which Gina has said ‘hell no’. Before she sent me the IM, she had been doing some research and found a tool called Never 10. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it turns out it is a Gibson Research application. I have been using tools from GRC for years, so I knew it was gonna be solid. She ran the application, disabled the upgrade feature, and uninstalled the updates. The application said it was removing over 6GB of updates. SIX! That shit is insane! I ran the application against my Win 7 Pro box, and it didn’t find any updates (thanks batch file!), but it did give me the opportunity to disable the upgrade ‘feature’. I assume that is just a registry switch, but I haven’t researched it to confirm.

So,if you’re sick of Windows 10 pestering the shit out of you, give Never 10 a try.

Way to go Mom! Good find!

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  1. Excellent. GRC has always published good tools. And I agree. M$ can keep their Windows 10 shit away from me.

    I even go one step more….I don’t use services like Dropbox and LastPass because I don’t know where in the world they keep their databases. I am an ex-programmer and I know firsthand that programmers can and will create backdoors and means to datamine what you put in their products. Google is probably the worst (Google Drive, Gmail, etc). Are they going to get your stuff in the end? Probably, but I refuse to make it easy for them.

  2. My philosophy is research, then ask someone who knows wtf they’re doing.

  3. Joe Newman Says:

    Ok, now what should I do, got to get ready to leave ———— I love yea, Dad —

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