Don’t ya just love when you’re doing something and you start getting the growlings from your stomach indicating a poop is imminent, but you don’t want to stop what you’re doing? Finally, you get that ‘HEY MOTHERFUCKER’ pain in your gut, so you give in, grab your smart phone (cause everyone knows you can’t sit on the can without it) and head to the bathroom. So you find yourself playing your favorite game, solitaire in my case, feeling for all the world like you’re shitting something the size of a baseball bat, and if you’re a dude, also thinking to yourself, “man, this is going to be epic”. Finally finished up, you wipe and look in the toilet to examine the results, only to discover that all of your efforts and the 20-30 minutes spent on the can (I play 3-4 games of solitaire) has produced something the size of a packing peanut. Talk about disappointing!

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  1. If you’d been on the phone with your brother it would have been the baseball bat for both of you. 😂😂😂

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