From the ‘no shit’ files: Entitlement Culture

Chad Prather hits the nail on the head once again:

One Response to “From the ‘no shit’ files: Entitlement Culture”

  1. I worked for 42 years. Nobody ever gave me a cell phone, free lunches, free daycare (unless it was your grandmother) a free education…should I go on? I contribute to the Salvation Army, Susan Koman Foundation and St Jude Children’s Hospital. I love giving to the charities of my choice. I worked the last 3 years of my job hating it. I continued that job so I would have a retirement check and insurance the rest of my life. I continued so my family wouldn’t have to support me and I’d have access to adequate health care. There are people so severely disabled they can’t possibly work. I’m glad for them to have assistance. Everyone else should get a JOB.

    Rant over. 😘

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