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Posted in Blogging on March 16, 2012 by bofh69

Holy shit! This blog is 6 years old today. Happy birthday to me!

Another crank of the vise handle.

Posted in Blogging, General, Politics, Technology on November 27, 2011 by bofh69

Because more government control is a good thing.  No, you say? Well the post office, medicare and social security all seem like well managed, well thought out, above board parts of our government. Surely allowing them to control the internet would be a good thing too, right? They hardly ever fuck anything up, right? Right?


Folks, they are going to take as much as we allow them to take. If your Congresscritter so much as even blinks in a positive way about this, vote their ass out of office.

Found the vid at Theo Spark.

Light posting brought to you by….life.

Posted in Blogging on August 30, 2011 by bofh69

Sorry for the light posting boys and girls. The last six days have consisted of my Grandma passing away, my Dad winding up in the hospital with pneumonia and the Blonde breaking her ankle. Throw in a weekend birthday party for my son-in-law Matt, and I just haven’t had much time, energy, or desire to post. I’ll be back at it soon though. Sorry about your luck.


Posted in Blogging on July 14, 2011 by bofh69

It is hard for me to believe that this blog has been around long enough to reach its 1000th post. I appreciate everyone stopping by, commenting, and sending me stuff to post.

As it stands right now, this blog has received 63,272 hits. Chump change compared to the big boys, but I’m still proud.

God willing, I’ll be around to crow about my 2000th post. Thanks again everyone!

Off the grid.

Posted in Blogging, Technology on May 28, 2011 by bofh69

I’ll be out-of-pocket for a while. With the luxury of a three-day weekend, I am finally going to get around to reformatting my workstation. I haven’t done it since October of 2009. Workstation reformats for an IT guy are a bitch, and are not done often. I have an image for my machine, and I could push that down to the disk, but I want a ‘fresh’ install, not something I thought was ‘perfect’ 2 years ago.

If past experience is an indicator, I’ll be back up and pissing people off by tomorrow sometime. If you need to get in touch with me, ping me at my bofh69 Hotmail account, or for those ‘special’ folks out there, call me.

Happy Birthday!

Posted in Blogging on March 16, 2011 by bofh69

‘Random Thoughts From a Bastard’ is 5 years old today.

I have posted, not counting this one, 875 posts. Some were shit, most were jokes someone else had sent me, but some I am very proud of, especially¬† ‘The Family’ series.

This site has received 57,294 hits as of this writing; VERY small potatoes in the grand scheme of blogging. I am proud nonetheless.

I will continue this blog with the same approach I have always had; I’ll do it till it isn’t fun anymore. I don’t always have the time, and/or, energy to sit down and write like I would like to. It bothers me sometimes, but sometimes there isn’t much that can be done about it. I took a one year break back in 2008 because I felt obligated to this blog and it became a job, rather than the rant filled reaches of my redneck brain. If the shit gets to feeling like that again, I’ll put this fucker in mothballs again. No, Yankee, you can’t lick the moth’s balls! Fag.

I thank each and every one of you who have stopped by. It’s been fun.

Bug killin’

Posted in Blogging, General on September 27, 2010 by bofh69

Getting rid of a pesky little trojan on my PC at the moment, so no posts for a day or two. Symantec 10.1.8 isn’t shaping up to be much of a bug shield. I’ll have to talk to my vendor about that; Yankee.

Looks like it is fixable without a lobotomy. Posts coming as soon as I finish the bug bomb.