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Good tunes from the past: Flying in a Blue Dream

Posted in Good tunes on March 5, 2017 by bofh69

Back when Joe still had hair. No, no, no…..not that Joe….Hippy Joe never had hair, he was hatched on a fence post without hair. They seriously considered using him as our national symbol, but the bald eagle actually had something on his head.

Satriani is an acquired taste. I started listening to his tunes after the release of ‘Surfing With the Alien’ in the late 80’s. This title song from his third album speaks volumes about the man’s talent. He literally makes the guitar talk. Absolutely beautiful.

Good tunes from the past: New York Minute

Posted in Good tunes on February 26, 2017 by bofh69

If I have learned nothing in my 49 years on this planet, I have definitely learned life can be a cruel fucking bitch, especially when you least expect it. Live for today and always cherish what you have. Tomorrow it may be gone.

Good tunes from the past: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Posted in Good tunes on February 12, 2017 by bofh69

Blue Öyster Cult is one of those bands that you hear on the radio and think, “man, I know that tune! who the fuck does that?!” Hippy leftovers, and I love it.

BÖC is good shit. Turn it up. You know you want to. Now! Do it! Don’t be a pussy! DO IT!

Good tunes from the past: Can’t You See

Posted in Good tunes on January 29, 2017 by bofh69

You have something wrong with you if you can’t dig this. God I miss the 70’s. The horseshit that passes for music these days can’t touch this.

Grab a beer and turn it up.

Good tunes from the past: The Sweetest Taboo

Posted in Good tunes on January 22, 2017 by bofh69

I’ll never forget the first time I heard a Sade song. My first thought was, “goddamn that woman has a sexy voice!” I have yet to hear a song by her that I don’t like.

If you like smooth jazz, turn this one up.

Good tunes from the past: The Zoo

Posted in Good tunes on January 15, 2017 by bofh69

I can’t listen to a single song by the Scorpions with out instantly being back in the 80’s. I’m not sure, but I think I was still in junior high when this came out. Yes, fuck you, it used to be called junior high, not ‘middle school’. Middle? Middle of what? Middle of school is lunch, ain’t it?

And because I am such a nice bastard….

Gotta love the Germans. Well, when they aren’t starting world wars and shit….

Good tunes from the past: Lunatic Fringe

Posted in Good tunes on January 8, 2017 by bofh69

This song is for sure a contributing factor to a traffic ticket I received when I was 16. The Texas DPS officer that pulled me over ran through the standard drill, ” Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?” As much as it might surprise people who know me, I was respectful and answered accordingly, “No sir, but I suspect I was probably speeding.” While my inner voice was screaming, ” Dumb ass, you pulled me over for a reason. Stop jerking my chain and give me the fucking ticket already.”

It is most definitely a turn it up, drive fast song. Gotta love those ‘one hit wonders’.

These dudes need to lay off the Valium.