Here are a listing of the pearls of wisdom that my Dad has imparted to us kids over the years. I will add to this as I remember them.

– “You can do anything you think you can do.” Dad always used this one when we were apprehensive about doing something, or thought we couldn’t do it. I always thought he sounded like a broken record because he said it all the fucking time. Know what? I eventually started believing it, and so did my sister. You can do anything you think you can do. I tell my kids the same thing to this day. Thanks for that pearl Dad!

– “Everything happens for a reason. You may not like it. You may not understand it. You may not be able to change it, but it does happen for a reason. One of these days you’ll understand it.” Well, this is one of the Dad-isms I always thought was bullshit when I was a kid. It didn’t make any sense to me, and I thought it was a way to pacify me. Turns out my Dad is a hell of alot smarter than I thought he was, cause he was dead on with this one.

“Someone being mean to you does not excuse you for being mean to them.” He hasn’t had to use this one in a long time. On most levels I agree with this Dad-ism. You should take the higher ground when possible. However, there are people in this world that need the absolute, ever loving shit beat out of them.

“One of these days you will want to sit down and visit with your sister but you won’t be able to. She will be on one side of the country and you will be on the other side. You should learn to be nicer to each other.” Well, as I stated earlier in my post about Gina, this is a no bullshit Dad-ism. We did fix our relationship, and we did become friends, and we did wind up on opposite ends of the country. Well shit! Thanks Dad, ya butthole.

“As long as it makes a turd, that’s all that counts.” This is a Dad-ism that references food. Now, to be perfectly honest, I can’t say I ever recall my Dad saying this, but it sounds like something he would say and I have been telling everyone for years that he said it. So, he said it. 😀

“You are only as old as you think you are.” Dad has said this for years. I never really appreciated what it meant until I got older. Basically, if you think you are old, you will act old. If you think you are young, you will act like Mark. LOL!!!!

“Be good, and if you can’t, be good at it.” I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I am pretty sure he only used this one on me, and only after I was an adult.

“It is the fucking you’re getting for the fucking you got.” This one is in reference to divorce, child support and the general amount of ass pain experienced when dealing with an ex. I think the main message in this Dad-ism was “you are screwed, so buck up and take it like a man cause you can’t change it.”

“Be careful of the little person you shit on today, for tomorrow he may be your boss.” I don’t think this one needs any explaining. An axiom I live by religiously.

3 Responses to “Dad-isms”

  1. Funny shit. And wise too.

  2. Have to throw this on in here bubba. It may not be a dad-ism, but Papaw and James count close enough.

    Dance all ya like, eventually the fiddle player will get paid. Referring to the fact that that as men we face the repercussions of our actions. Good or bad.

  3. Right On Adam, I thought the world an all of both of them, if they said something you may not agree with, but you better listen because somewhere down the road it’s gonna apply, I loved them both ————————- Love,, Dad

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