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Liberal dumbassery

Posted in Our Country on August 20, 2017 by bofh69

God help this country. I am afraid we are well and truly fucked.

Stole it from Theo.

From the ‘no shit’ ‘bullshit’ files: CNN

Posted in Idiot Sighting, Journalistic Garbage, Our Country on July 11, 2017 by bofh69

The Communist News Network has been full of shit for years. It appears that most folks are finally willing to acknowledge that a news network is making an attempt to brainwash them with outright falsehoods.

D-Day: June 6, 1944

Posted in Our Country on June 6, 2017 by bofh69

U.S. Military Cemetery, Normandy

Please take a minute today to pray for the Allied troops that fought, and those that were lost on the beaches of Normandy 73 years ago today. God bless you all. Thank you for my freedom.

Click here for the U.S. Army’s D-Day site.

Memorial Day 2017

Posted in Family, Our Country on May 29, 2017 by bofh69

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Please say a prayer for our fallen heroes and their families. Say a thanks for your freedom.

ALWAYS remember, freedom isn’t free.

Memorial Day - Arlington National Cemetery

Lingo: fucktard

Posted in Lingo, Our Country on April 20, 2017 by bofh69

H/T to JC.

The Civil War is Here.

Posted in Our Country, Politics on March 27, 2017 by bofh69

The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.

By Daniel Greenfield.

A civil war has begun.

This civil war is very different than the last one. There are no cannons or cavalry charges. The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule. Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority. The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.

The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans. It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when it decisions don’t accord with its agenda. It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.

It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.  

It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama. And now it’s for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow. (As long as that involves defying immigration laws under Trump, not following them under Obama.) It was for the sacrosanct authority of the Senate when it held the majority. Then it decried the Senate as an outmoded institution when the Republicans took it over.

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From the ‘no shit’ files: Licensing

Posted in No shit files, Our Country on February 19, 2017 by bofh69

licinsingH/T to Hippy Joe.