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How can it?

Stole it from Theo.

Shave like a man!

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H/T to Yankee.

Pearl Harbor, 2018

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Pearl Dec 7

In remembrance of all who died on December 7, 1941. God rest your souls.

On the 77th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in American history, I would ask that those of you who understand the importance of this day to take a minute and tell a young person. Tell about the sacrifice, the loss of life, and how it galvanized a nation like nothing before it had. Tell them. Tell them because nobody else will (read: public schools). The following sites are great teaching resources:

History Channel – Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor History

Historynet – Pearl Harbor

Never let this day, or its importance, be forgotten.

God bless America and all who serve Her.

Veterans Day, 2018

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To all who have answered the call, to all who have put country before all else, and to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice: Thank you for my freedom. God bless you!

Choose wisely.

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Wayback machine.

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The minute you think anything is even remotely predictable in the universe, flash back to 1975 for a moment. Now, fast-forward to 2018 and wrap your head around the fact that OJ Simpson just gave prison advice to Bill Cosby.

Stole it from Isaac Ropp.


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